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How To Do The Nursing Process (steps)

The Benefits Of The Nursing Process : The nursing process is a systematic problem solving approach to holistic nursing care in that it: Stresses the independent and collaborative care function of the nurse Promotes accountability. • Provides an orderly and systematic method for planning and providing evidence informed individualized care. • Enhances nursing efficiency and …

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How To Take Antenatal History

Definition Of Antenatal History Taking The systematic procedure of gathering information about the client’s general health and her pregnancy status. Purpose Of Antenatal History Taking To determine and identify the health and socio-economic conditions likely to influence the outcome either negatively or positively and to direct care during pregnancy and childbirth. Indications Of Antenatal History …

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How To Treat High Blood Pressure

Several factors help your doctor determine the best treatment option for you. These include the type of hypertension and the problems identified. a) Primary hypertension treatment options If your physician diagnoses you with primary hypertension, lifestyle changes may help reduce your high blood pressure. If lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough, or if they stop being …

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